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I was going to write a blog post about the crocheted top I excitedly finished this week but I got so disheartened by the photos I tried to take of myself in it. I find it really hard to take good photos of myself with an SLR because it’s so static – you have to set the camera, then press the timer, then go and pose, rather than just taking a bunch of photos of someone moving around. But then I don’t like posing for full length photos anyway; I never know what to do with my arms (reminds me of the great Ani diFranco lyric from Evolve, “I don’t take good pictures cos I have the kind of beauty that moves”). I should find a pose that works, like Lili of Frocks and Frou Frou, and just stand like that every time.
I was so disappointed when I looked at the full length photos. The stitches are lovely, the fabric is pretty, the colour is fresh…but on me the top just makes me look like a sack of oranges. 

It’s a Doris Chan pattern called Galena. I really enjoyed making it, but Chan’s patterns take a little getting used to and are quite wordy because she is trying to give you all sorts of options for sizing. I read through the pattern carefully, marking bits I needed to take particular note of. And I made a couple of adjustments to suit myself here and there (eg in the sleeves and length).

But I missed one vital thing. Instead of turning at the end of each row I just kept going in rounds. And I didn’t realise it until I got to the very end. Facepalm.

So the top is much snugger than it ought to be. Even though I tried it on as I went, I knew it was close fitting, but thought it would stretch a little more with blocking. I think it would work on my body shape with a bit more ease. So really the problem is I have made a perfectly acceptable garment, but it’s just in too small a size. Grr.

I don’t know how to write about it in a decorous way so I’ll just say it – I felt like it made my bust look like I had two giant water balloons stuffed down my top. And I know that everyone is aware of my bust because it’s just out there, and of course I’m aware of it too, but I don’t look at myself all the time to have to SEE it.

It’s kind of frustrating when you crochet something that seems to be fitting then finish it, block it, and put it on, and it just doesn’t work. Mum thought it looked nice, and perhaps it might have just been the photos I took were especially unflattering with the light coming from above. It might have been less of a problem if I had used a reflector. But now if I wear the top I’ll be feeling self conscious, which means I probably won’t wear it.

So the solution will be to find someone who it fits and who likes it and give it to them. And not to get discouraged, but to try again and pay more attention to the pattern! I wonder if I will ever crochet anything that ends up looking like it’s supposed to?

Double sigh.