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These aren’t among the world’s beautiful birds, but it really lifted my mood today to help this baby (or perhaps teen) bird up off the concrete where it had fallen in our car park. Actually, when i pulled into the car park it kind of fell on my car and was clinging to the door jamb with an expression that seemed to say, “help!”. Well it would have said that if it was an anthropomorphised bird in a cartoon. Or maybe just, “eep!”.
I left it there but when I came out later on, it was on the concrete next to my colleague’s car, making a piteous racket. Two of its siblings and its nearby anxious parent looked on; I guess it must be learning to fly day. Its body was hot and bony in my hand, and so frail. I picked it up and popped it onto the mulch in the garden, where it looked at me and squeaked. 
I don’t know why it made my heart surge, but I sorely needed it. Thanks, ugly little bird.