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[crickets chirping]

It’s been awful quiet here lately.

I’ve been trying to write blog posts in my head, but there hasn’t been anything especially interesting to write about. Oh – except that was kind of one of my posts. You know when you see someone that you haven’t seen in a while and they say, “So what’s been happening?” what do you say? Invariably I say something completely boring like, “Not much. Working. That’s about it.”

Of course that’s not entirely true. But if you have no major standout events in your life, like “I got a new car!”, “I won a million dollars!”, “I sold a novel to a major publisher!”, what sort of things ought you to say?

I could say, “well I’ve had a cold for a couple of weeks”, but it’s not exactly a gold mine of a conversation topic. Or “I’ve been working on my depression a bit”, but I don’t think that’s what they mean when they ask what’s been happening. Or “I’ve enjoyed watching Netflix and crocheting”, but, well that’s as about exciting as it gets.