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That last post was a little disingenuous. Although it feels like all I’ve been doing is being sick and going to work, I have done some things. Just not small talky things.

One thing I did was that I went to Brisbane and visited the amazing Baddeley family! I got to see their house and their rambling garden and romp about with a five and three year old while their exhausted mother cooked and their industrious father planted vegetables. This is the driveway up to their house – every time we left we saw wallabies but I didn’t manage to get any of them on camera:

I got to go to church with them and participate in family prayer and Bible time. I got to read lots of Enid Blyton aloud (complete with funny accents) and watch Colin in concert and get a thorough Octonauts induction. I gave the boys the crocheted cats I’d made, which were a hit, and apparently I was also a hit – long after I’d left. The last time I saw JD he was a baby in Oxford. And I’d never met SC! But we were instant friends. Very glad.

It wasn’t all kid time; I had some lovely catch up chats with the adults too. I love being with the Bs. They just get me and even though it’s been almost five years since we hung out together in the flesh, it was like no time had passed at all. Those are the best kind of friends.