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Had a marathon hour of counselling today. It was exhausting; many tears, accepting truths I already knew, hearing hard things. At the end, Josie said, “You’ll feel like a worn out rag. Be careful.” She was right, I did.
Anyway, I have felt a lot more peaceful since I got home, thanks to mum’s wonderful cooking and some rest time. I was then thinking I need to start exercising more as well, and while reading various things to think about how I can get more movement in my day, I stumbled onto SuperBetter
It’s a wellness game developed by the amazing Jane McGonigal. It is extremely simple and sets tiny little achieveable quests, aimed at helping you get to your Epic Win, whatever you choose that to be. You need to recruit allies, fight bad guys and get power ups and…oh, if you’ve got 20 minutes check out Jane’s TED talk, which explains it all – and will give you an extra 7.5 minutes of life! How can you resist?

It might be too big a thing to tackle all at once, but ‘depression’ was top of the drop down list of things you could choose to get superbetter from. You can also make your own custom thing if your goal isn’t in the list, but that’s pretty much the biggest block in my life right now!

So now I am Bec, the black dog banisher. I’m having trouble defining my Epic Win – it’s kind of easier if you want to get fit or something, because you have a tangible goal, such as “run 5 kilometres”. If you can think of an appropriate Epic Win, let me know.
And if you’re keen to be one of my allies, or play SuperBetter yourself to get superbetter from whatever your thing is, that would be awesome!
Hopefully I stick with this. I think it’s going to be fun.