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Excellent post by Indy Ink, the woman behind my favourite Pinterest board, Don’t compare yourself to celebrities. It is true what she says about it being hard to take flattering photos of people, and it occurring to you that even once you have an excellent camera, there is a lot more to the images we see all around us than just pressing the shutter release.

I especially like her conclusion:

Here is the truth: If you simply refuse to believe everything advertising claims is wrong with you — and remember, the people behind the campaigns have studied you, but never met you — you will have more money, more peace, and more confidence in every single area of life, all of which will makes you a sexy beast of very attractive proportions. (Not that you owe beauty to anyone. You don’t.)

Another enjoyable insight into what it takes to be in a magazine photoshoot is in Tina Fey’s Bossypants, in a chapter titled Amazing, gorgeous, not like that. I can’t decide which bit to quote because the whole thing is funny…just buy the book. Though she doesn’t mind Photoshop so much:

Photoshop is just like makeup. When it’s done well it looks great, and when it’s overdone you look like a crazy asshole. Unfortunately, most people don’t do it well. I find, the fancier the fashion magazine is, the worse the Photoshop. It’s as if they are already so disgusted that a human has to be in the clothes, they can’t stop erasing human features.