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I love these girls. They make me laugh. Shooting and editing Jelssievision is a joy, not least because I get to laugh and laugh at the ridiculous things that are said. And having a non-deadliney creative project always keeps me happy.

One bit that makes me laugh (mainly because of Jess’s giggle) but I had to cut for clarity’s sake, was this exchange when Jess was talking about hating leopard print.

Jess: “Also black leather.” [makes a face]

Me: “It’s like mutton dressed as lamb.”

Jess: “Muffins dressed as lambs?”

[bursts into laughter]

We’ve decided our blooper reel is going to be called Muffins dressed as lambs* – an end of season treat for those who care. But who knows how long a season will be? We don’t. Maybe I’ll just have to sprinkle Jelssie-isms around the internet, like an Easter egg hunt.

If you haven’t already seen it, here is Jelssievision episode 2 or JEVS1E2 (which doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily but looks kind of important).

* I wanted to draw muffins dressed as lambs, but I realised that what I was picturing in my head was actually a lamb dressed as a muffin, which is an entirely different thing.