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Today is already much better than yesterday. I did bellydancing last night, moved and shimmied and laughed at the wobbling and unco-ness and that helped. I got a good night’s sleep (91% sleep quality according to my app – that’s a win), and that helped. It’s sunny and I went outside and tended my worm farm before work, and that helped (my worms are poor little neglecterinos most of the time, but they don’t seem to mind. Actually I don’t know how I would tell if they did mind, but anyway).

As Jess G just said to me, “Sleep and exercise, so boringly essential aren’t they?” She speaks truth. Also, we’re filming another episode of Jelssievision tomorrow, and creative projects always give me a bit of a boost. We’re going to Scrummies, one of my favourite cafes in Oatley, but it’s very small and I’m not sure if we’ll have enough room. Might have to get creative with camera positioning.