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Cot blanket for Dormans by the procrastinatrix

When going through my stash, I found a bag of hexagons I’d hooked up last year and not known quite what to do with. I had planned to make a blanket but ran out of puff. I had gotten as far as sewing a bunch together, but realised that I would need to make a gazillion more before it was adult blanket sized and I had gotten a bit sick of hexagons.

Then I realised I had just enough to make a sweet little pram blanket for some friends at church who are about to have their first baby. I sewed the last few hexagons on, did an edging in three rows of double crochet (which give it a slightly wavy effect) and voila!

Now, just waiting for the news that the bub’s been born and I can give it to them!

Pattern: made it up, but used this post from Attic24 as a starting point.
Yarn: Lincraft Cosy Wool Yarn