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I know some of you have read today’s Hyperbole and a Half post already, but I just want to point you to it if you don’t follow Allie’s blog. It’s a completely unvarnished description of her experience living with depression over the past year and even though it isn’t the same as my experience, there are some things that really resonate, particularly the crying thing (“Why are you crying?” “I don’t know. It’s just something that’s happening”) and the trying to make the appropriate expressions when talking to people but not being able to really engage.

I’m not sure if it’s one of those things that I should say trigger warning about, but, well, there. I’ve said it (but it doesn’t end badly). It’s also a pretty huge read (both length-wise and emotionally), even though it has pictures, so maybe read it when you’ve got a bit of time. And stick with it to the end.

Depression Part Two

PS I laughed about the corn. Maybe it’s like a depression shibboleth or something, if you understand her reaction to the corn. I also like that we both obviously have the same experience of the couch.

from Eating the Blues
As a comic or piece of writing, Allie’s post sits alongside Kinds of Blue pretty well. I recall some of the feedback we got when we were asking for endorsements around the place was that parts of KOB were really dark and may not be helpful to those suffering depression. We countered that we were trying to reflect and describe the experience of depression to people who had no understanding of it, but also to encourage people who do feel that way that they aren’t alone; I think Allie does that really well. I dislike that notion of tiptoeing around people who are depressed, as though talking in real terms about what it feels like is too dangerous. Although I guess I haven’t had years as a counsellor or trying to help people who are much worse off than me and I guess many people do experience triggers that make situations worse for them. I don’t know. But I guess that’s where having your own blog is a good thing, because you can write and draw about what it’s like for you, and you don’t need anyone to authorise that.

Edit to add:
Someone told me about the encouragement that this blog was to a friend last night, especially in terms of thinking through living with depression as a Christian. I have to say that was the most humbling thing ever. If anything I’ve ever written has helped someone stick it out then it’s been worth it!