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If you’re a reader of the excellent Jelssie, or know Jess G at all, you will know she is a fan of the challenge. Whether it’s sampling every restaurant in a particular area, cutting down on spending or changing her approach to food, I have long been inspired by Jess’s discipline in her challenges.

And so, because I have been eating huge amounts of everything lately with very little discrimination, this month I’ve decided to join her in her May challenge to cut out chocolate. As she says:

…it’s hard to cut out all chocolate because chocolate is everywhere and in a variety of forms, but I basically mean no cadbury etc blocks or bars.

Unfortunately I already tripped up on day 1 because there were some mini Twirls in the kitchen and I ate some. But I actively resisted buying chocolate at the petrol station when I filled up yesterday so I feel like that it cancelled out the Twirl eating. Jess confirmed it as a win, so I’m gonna take it.

Further on that petrol station issue, it is very hard sometimes to avoid chocolate that you would normally not purchase. The mainstream petrol stations are always pushing their deals on you. When you pay for your petrol, the attendants are probably told they must quickly say “Would you like any chocolate bars, two for one?” as you present your money, as though you hadn’t seen the signs plastered everywhere alerting you to the prospect of cheap sugar and fat.

Once this month is over, I’m planning to go back to my previous guideline of only eating a small amount of high quality chocolate (eg Haigh’s) and savouring it, rather than scoffing a vast amount of inferior chocolate just because it was cheaper to buy in bulk.