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I recently went to Malaysia. That, of course, gave me the chance to peruse the duty free shops and buy make up type things, which I rarely do at full price stores. Make up is just a bit of fun for me; I’m glad I don’t have to wear it every day but I like to play with it every now and again.

Another reason I don’t wear it all the time is that I forget I have it on and inevitably rub my face at some point during the day and end up with panda eyes or smeared lipstick. Who can be bothered touching up makeup during the day? Putting it on once in the morning is effort enough.

Anyway, while I was checking out the bits and pieces at the Benefit shop, I decided to try their eye makeup primer, Stay don’t stray. I always thought primers were kind of stupid…why put on layers before you put the makeup on? It just seemed a bit Emperor’s new clothes for my liking. But the promise of eye makeup staying where I put it was quite the lure.

For my first two days back at work this week, I used the primer, some eye shadow and They’re real mascara (which is also new, and which I also love). I can happily report that by the time I came home in the evening, the eye makeup was all still where I had left it, nary a panda eye in sight. And I kind of had fun looking a bit more put together on my way to work, rather than the wet-haired, pale-faced and half-asleep look I normally rock.

Actually, the first day of ‘work’, I had gotten ready verrrrry slowly and reluctantly, got stuck in horrible traffic and, still a bit jetlagged, started falling asleep. I was running so late, but had to pull over in a Maccas parking lot, where I nodded off for a few minutes. I rang my boss to apologise and say I was on my way, only to be told I was still supposed to be on holidays – in my infinite wisdom I had planned for a rest day after travelling, but hadn’t actually remembered that I had done so. Duh.

So I happily trundled back home, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. What a great day! And, to get back to the point of the post, even after sleeping five hours my makeup was still on and not smeary at all. Win! Maybe there’s something in primers after all…

Final note: you can buy direct from the Benefit website – Stay don’t stray is $19 cheaper in the US than in Australia. Almost half the price. That’s ridiculous. But also, yay for the internet!