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I’ve had this Nobue dress for many years (I bought it in their shop in Paddington, and the dress seems to have outlived the brand…the shop has long gone and I have no idea if it even still exists as a brand). It’s never fit me properly in the bust. It was always a case of squash into it and pretend that it fit fine. I love the fabric so never wanted to give up on it, but I finally admitted that it was never going to fit.

With my revived sewing passion I decided it was time to make this something I could wear instead of feeling sad about it whenever I saw its prettiness hanging in my wardrobe.

I cut the bodice off and unpicked the zipper for future use. I then sewed around the top edge, folded it over and sewed it down to form a casing for the thick elastic.

It was a bit harder than I expected to get the waistband flat;  I persevered with it but it’s a bit messy and I think I have to make it a fraction tighter.  But it matters not! I now have a lovely skirt.

I also love the way the perspective in the bottom photo makes me look like a giantess in my courtyard. πŸ™‚