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Since I went so well with the first skirt-from-dress, I gleefully attacked the other dress that has never fit me. I do try to avoid the ‘I’ll use this garment to inspire me to lose weight’ trap that never works, but as you can see, occasionally it gets me. This dress I bought in Leura, again because I loved the print, but I also thought it would be a lovely light summer dress (when I lost that troublesome weight). Unfortunately, even when it did fit reasonably well, the style around the bust just didn’t sit right. And it really was a bit tight around the back.

Side note: so many tops and dresses these days have a seam or detailing stitched into them just under where clothes manufacturers think the average bust line is, and they never ever get under my bust line. Ever. Even plus sized labelled clothes. Clothes manufacturers seem to think that most women have breasts that sit right up high on their chests and aren’t affected by gravity at all. Maybe they do. Hmm. So I have to either just avoid those items of clothing (which rather limits the options) or wear things with a seam going across the middle or lower third of my bust, making it look like I have no idea how to dress myself.


Another thing I like about this dress is the waistband. And even though when I wear skirts I don’t tuck in tops or wear short tops, I thought I could do something with this, rather than having an elastic waist.

I carefully cut the bodice off the waistband, and this time instead of taking out the zipper, I cut it down to shorten it. I folded down the waistband so the point was now pointing down, ironed it flat, top stitched around the waist and added a hook and eye to keep it all neat.

So now I have two lovely light skirts to take to Malaysia! You can’t see it in this photo, so it looks like I’m just laughing at my feet, but the cat is sitting in front of me, admiring my handiwork.