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A similar but slightly different angle on what I wrote in the last post – loved this video from 17-year-old Alice Wilder taking Seventeen magazine to task on promoting ‘love your body’ messages and the Biggest Loser at the same time. She’s cool.

Although I didn’t go on a diet when I was 10, what she said about her thoughts being totally taken up with thinking about food when she should have been concentrating on other things is exactly what happens to me whenever I try restricting what I eat. It is just all-consuming (and I think I intend that pun).

I think this is why I sometimes long to live on a farm with limited access to media and advertising. Though it’d still find me, I know it would. But I wonder whether it would be easier to be content in that area of life if you didn’t constantly have messages from all different angles bombarding you?

The Amish might be onto something (AND they enjoy craft).

I had to thank Lachy last night for putting up with my neuroses. He said I seemed in an odd mood and I realised it was because I had caught a glimpse of myself in a window and mirrors when I went to pick him up, and uncensored, “You fat cow” popped into my head. What? When I had gotten dressed at home half an hour earlier, I felt great and thought I looked fine.

Retraining my brain not to have those ridiculous swings is a difficult process. I think that’s a more worthwhile pursuit than thinking and stressing about food all the time.

I also wanted to mention the blog, Frocks and Frou Frou, which Elsie got me into. I love how the blogger, Lilli, dresses and looks. And after reading this post this week, I love how she thinks too.

Edit to add: Everyone should read this article Lilli links to, from Natalie Perkins, ‘How to love yourself in 8 really hard steps’. I smiled at:”Throw out your scales – they are just little electronic demons squatting in your bathroom, making you feel rotten.”