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I’ve decided this is an in-between cardie because it will be useful in autumn when it’s not quite cold but a little chilly. I worked on this cardie in full view of its recipient and all the while she thought I was making it for myself…bwa ha ha…I was happy on Christmas day when mum unwrapped her present and was surprised!

Though it wasn’t entirely without angst…I thought I had been very careful with counting rows and whatnot but when it came time to sew the cardigan up I realised one side of the front was longer than the other. Whoops! I didn’t have time to do anything about it, and really, I probably wouldn’t have anyway. I lined up the lace pattern at the bust, and then the excess fabric at the top I turned over into an asymmetrical collar and sewed buttons onto it.

Mum did have a bit of trouble lining up the buttons, but when I gave her a tutorial (line up the edge between the solid bit and the lace bit) it was all good!

Also I did take photos of her on Christmas day modelling it, but then accidentally deleted them so here I am, showing off. 🙂

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 Ply in sweet pea
Pattern: based on the imaginatively named Crochet Cardigan by Patons with accidental adjustments by me