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I know it matters little, but I’ve moved back to blogger. I just got fed up with my wordpress site getting hacked and not understanding or caring enough to keep on top of things. My move back wasn’t entirely painless – I’ve lost all my comments and photos. There was probably a better way to fix it but as I said, care factor = very low. I fixed the photos on the first few posts so that it doesn’t look completely rubbish  and I’ll get around to the rest sometime. I’ll put my craft posts up here too rather than keeping a separate site for that, because although I had some plans for the other site, I just don’t have the energy to do anything with it.

I hate feeling inept about web stuff, but I have to accept that it is not a bad thing to use the tools that make life easier, instead of trying to control and modify everything! It’s a bit like driving an auto versus a manual…yeah, it might give you more control and whatever driving a manual, but really, the auto gets me where I need to go with a lot less stress.