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I often get to this time of day and think I should blog, but am so tired I can’t think of how to write in an engaging and interesting way. But hey. I opened the wordpress window and started typing, and that’s all it takes, really, isn’t it? Even if it isn’t very interesting.

The Christmas period, with all its busyness, food, carols, reflection, family, friends, and church things has finally passed. Though I am exhausted now, I did enjoy Christmas this year. The church events were really happy, encouraging occasions. I think people who were visitors to the church got a clear gospel presentation and were prompted to think about Jesus.

I got to be Chomp again on Christmas Day. People laughed in the right places too, which is gratifying.

Christmas Day was cool and stormy and perfect weather for turkey wellington, which was rather delicious. Mum was annoyed that it didn’t look the same as the photo; my brother said “it wouldn’t be Christmas if mum wasn’t apologising for the food, even though we’re enjoying it.”

Then on Boxing Day we had more turkey wellington, ham, trifle, pudding, salads, cheese bread and other yummy things when various friends and family members came round to hang out in our backyard. I love having people over, even if I don’t sit and talk to them much. I just like having people at my place.

There were reports of craziness in the Boxing Day sales as usual, and today there were reports of traffic jams up and down the coast as usual. The reporters write about these things like they are outrageous scandals. I wonder what would happen if, one year, they just didn’t write those stories. The world would probably go on.

I don’t understand the thing of queueing up for The Sales. We went to the shops this afternoon, had no trouble parking, wandered around at a leisurely pace, found the things we wanted in our sizes with hefty discounts, and came home again with nary a pulse rate quickened. It doesn’t seem that the discounts on anything are large enough to warrant queueing for hours, shoving your way into the shop with hundreds of other people at your heels, grabbing whatever you can find, pawing over the merchandise so that someone else doesn’t get to it first. I could understand if, say, the shops were giving away free televisions or something, but even so I’d have to be guaranteed to get one to make it worth the effort.

Now do you see why I don’t often blog when I’m this tired?