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There’s a new release at Hatter’s Hope, inspired by Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree! These were definitely my favourites of her books…I didn’t really like the Famous Five or the Secret Seven or the Egregious Eight (okay I made that last one up). But The Magic Faraway Tree was somewhere I wanted to go, with its silly folk and yummy-sounding snacks and the amazing places it led to.

Sammi obviously loved those books too! Her range of stamps include the Silk Fairy, Pan Man, Mr Moonhead and assorted fairies and mushrooms. I chose the Silk Fairy with her long, golden hair to colour – mainly because she has the snacks! I decided to colour her in a bright, storybook style.

Unfortunately when I was putting the card together, I was very tired after a long week of work and carols and busyness. I just couldn’t get it to look how I wanted. I wanted to do a kind of woodland-feeling card but of course hadn’t used the right colours for that, the birds washi tape didn’t look strong enough, and the oak leaves I punched out with my hole punch looked a bit messy and so I started pulling it apart and…well, the card actually no longer exists in this form anymore. It has been reduced to its component parts and awaits a time when I have a bit more creative energy!

PS. I came across this 2006 article talking about the ‘sanitising’ of Blyton’s books. I agree with the article’s author: “it is all palpable madness”.