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Another Tree Trimming Kaylee card, but this time with purple hair. Purple and red is one of my favourite combos!

[side note, I have often wished I had purple hair but have been put off by the thought that I would have to peroxide it first. Why regular toxic hair dye isn’t a problem for me, I don’t know. But I have visions of my peroxided hair becoming straw-like and crumbling to dust and I don’t think I could rock the bald look AT ALL.]

This card didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, but hey I’m not just going to post the stuff here that makes me look like I know what I’m doing. Full crafting transparency, people! I also wanted to show how just a different colour palette can transform an image; I keep forgetting this is the same stamp as the one on the last card.

The coloured baubles (a Kaisercraft clear stamp that I can’t find anywhere to link to online so it must be out of ‘print’) are fine, but I wanted to echo their shape in the background by stamping with red ink onto the red card. As you can see, that didn’t quite come out as clearly or as elegantly as I might have liked! I might try it again sometime, but I’ll practice first.

But still, there’s something about this card that pleases me. Must be the purple hair.