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I love, love, love sticking things on cards. Wait. Let me be more specific. I really like stick on gems and pearly things, which I guess are collectively referred to as bling (even though I never really liked that word…not really sure why…but I guess I have to learn to love it, it seems to be here to stay!). I found these really cheap red and green pearls at a Hot Dollar store – the reason they’re cheap is because the adhesive is terrible and comes off all over the backing paper. But no matter. I still got them to stick.

I also bought a giant pack of coloured card at Costco (that’s a good tongue warmer upper…try saying it several times fast if you need to do some public speaking) so I’ve been enjoying cutting card sizes that aren’t ‘standard’. This is a long narrow one that stands on its end, opening up rather than out. And I cut the edge with my crinkly scissors that I think I’ve only used one other time ever. What a wise purchase that one was.

But the star is, of course, is Some Odd Girl’s Tree Trimming Kaylee stamp, coloured with my trusty Copics. I really like Some Odd Girl’s style – the characters always look so cheerful! (Although a male friend thought Kaylee was holding a bomb…I think the wire at the top of the bauble looks like a wick because it was too hard to cut around and I thought I was using my 0.2 multiliner to redraw it but it turned out to be the 1.0. Whoops!)

May your days be merry and bright!