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I’ve always loved coloured pencils, pens, crayons, pastels, mainly how they look all lined up. The possibility of what someone could do with all those colours.

So I was very excited when my lovely friend Sammi set up her store, Mad For Markers. A close source of colour goodness! Mad For Markers came out of Sammi’s love for Copic markers, an alcohol-based, refillable marker from Japan that allows you to do a lot of fun stuff with blending and shading that you can’t do with normal markers.


Me and Sam at a recent event our church, Wild St, was part of (we were colouring Christmas tags and, er, wearing silly hats)

I coloured my comics for Kinds of Blue (Labyrinthine and Eating the Blues) with Copics, but I’d only just started playing with them and wasn’t very artful in the way I used them. Looking at the pages now I wish I could do them again, but they’re out there now, and c’est la vie. I just need to draw some more comics to give me a chance to do a better job, I guess!

I decided this year I would make a whole stash of Christmas cards to get some good use out of my markers, and to encourage me to do more little creative things. I’m still working on a crochet project, but it takes me longer to finish those. The nice thing about colouring and cards is I can finish something I’m reasonably happy with in a short time. Sense of accomplishment, hurrah!

Here’s one I made for mum’s birthday in October:

I’ll be putting up Christmas ones in the next few days, to engender a sense of Christmassy spirit, despite it only being November (when you intend to make things to give at Christmas, you have to start early!).