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One thing I have been pleasantly surprised about with the program so far, is how filling and delicious the food is! Well, I knew it would be filling, but didn’t expect to enjoy the recipes so much, both in the preparation and the eating.

I’ve never been able to plan my week’s meals, I just find it mind-numbing to work it all out and then work out what I need to buy. So having someone else write up the plan, and then exactly what I need to buy at the supermarket is bliss! It makes cooking a joy, because absolutely everything you need is at hand. Although I haven’t quite gotten to the TV chef stage of having all my spices pre-measured in little bowls, it’s almost as good as that.

It also means I’ve tried some new things this past week, which always helps keep meals interesting when it comes to cooking. The thing that’s good about these recipes is they are super easy and seem to turn out perfectly every time! New things include:

  • Cajun fish stew – I was always a bit scared of cooking fish before, probably because my first attempt at it was a disaster. But this stew was delicious.
  • CELERY – I normally hate celery. Some people wonder how I can hate celery, “but it’s so bland and inocuous!” No. It is an evil, weird-tasting vegetable and I hate it. Until now. I still probably won’t eat it raw, but added to many of the recipes this week, I haven’t noticed it and yet have been smug about getting an extra serve of vegies.
  • Grated apple in porridge instead of sugar and milk – a serve of fruit, no ’empty’ calories, and really quite delicious.

Getting used to eating less and not snacking so much is still a challenge, but no complaints in terms of main meals!