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Hurrah! I lost 1.8kg in the first week of the program! This is exciting, as it means the sore muscles and occasionally growling belly are worth it, and it’s all working.

Well of course it’s working. My eating habits before this were so poor. I had gotten into a very negative way of thinking, which was essentially “who cares?” Who cares if I have Maccas on the way home? Who cares if I eat that whole container of baklava? Who cares if I haven’t so much as looked at a vegetable in three days? Who cares?

I knew I really did care, as the kilos I had lost at the beginning of the year marched back onto my body. A tiny voice was shouting “noooo!” but the “who cares?” voice was much louder (and bossier!).

Yes, sometimes over the past couple of weeks I have been frustrated and just wanted to eat whatever I wanted. But following a program, having everything mapped out for me and not having anything unhealthy I could binge on in the cupboard has meant that the negative, bossy voice has been quietened somewhat. The positive voice pointing out how much better I feel and congratulating me for taking steps to turn my health around is sounding more confident!

(I talk about my ‘voices’ a lot, don’t I? Don’t worry, I don’t have multiple personality disorder or anything!)