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You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d stopped making anything, the way this blog has been gathering dust. But I’ve been happily crocheting through the cooler months, finished my magnolia blanket, which I will post later and finished my very first garment!

It’s the Megan sweater by Robyn Chachula, from the book Blueprint Crochet. I decided to use this one because I wanted to learn how to read crochet diagrams, and it’s my kind of sweater, really. And as it doesn’t really get that cold in Sydney, it’s a perfect weight for this climate.

I had no trouble with the pattern itself; even though it looks complicated, it’s actually pretty easy. You just make up a lot of motifs, then stitch them together. Not much more complicated than making a blanket.

Except. The sizing was a bit weird. I’m not sure what I did, but it ended up huge. I had measured myself and concluded I was an XL from the pattern’s measurements, I did a gauge swatch…but still somehow it ended up making me look a bit like the marshmallow man. It came down to my knees and ballooned around the armpits.

I quietly despaired for a while, then thought “hey! I could just pull some motifs out and make it fit!” So I pulled some out and then despaired a little more loudly, because I thought I’d completely ruined it. It sat, in a jumble, on the couch for a week, a huge gaping hole where I had cut out a section. But I didn’t want it to mock me forever. I was determined to solve this problem.

So, during another episode of the West Wing (it has been my primary viewing while making this piece) I pulled and eased and forced the garment to do what I wanted it to…and it worked! I am so happy…I was scared it would be a massive waste of time and money. I added some buttons, changed the shaping of the sleeves, and dispensed with the ribbed cuffs (I hate ribbed cuffs) from the original pattern. It’s much more me this way.

So pleased that now I have something bright and colourful and snuggly and unique to wear.

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic – Radiant

Pattern: Megan sweater by Robyn Chachula