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We’re in the middle of moving to our new house. We got the keys on Friday, and after some packing and cleaning with wonderful helpers at Maroubra, we went over to South Hurstville and excitedly jumped around in our new house!

Being back at the Maroubra house is weird though. All the cupboards and shelves are empty, except for the things we’re still using (eg clothes, kitchen stuff). Mum and I are both completely exhausted, but muster the energy every so often to make up another box and put yet more of our stuff in. It seems we’ve thrown or given away or sold so much of our stuff, and yet there is still so. much. stuff. It’s good to cull. But hard. And wearying.

But after Tuesday, when the removalists take all our furniture over, we will be finally moved in and no longer living in between two houses. Less than 48 hours but it seems so far away!