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Since we set about all this house buying stuff I’ve been thinking about milestones in life, or things that you do or don’t get, or achieve, in life. I once was part of a writing group with a girl who was determined to publish a book before she was 20 because she had been reading articles lauding the next up and coming writers under 20 – unsurprisingly, with that as her motivation, rather than wanting to tell a good story, she didn’t get very far.

Sometimes we feel that we’ve missed out on this or that because of what the world tells us we should have achieved by a certain time. Whether it’s relationships or career or house buying or having kids or whatever, we all too easily judge ourselves by the world’s yardsticks and what other people think rather than what God thinks.

Rod preached an excellent sermon yesterday on Luke 17-18 and it reminded me that being ready for the day Jesus returns should be my only priority. That doesn’t mean sitting around and twiddling my thumbs while I wait, but it means that thinking about and striving for God’s kingdom are the things that matter, and pleasing and glorifying God are the goals of my life. It’s a perspective that is easy to lose, but one I really want to keep, for it to be my default, not something I have to keep struggling to get back. Rod ended by saying the way we do this, the way we persevere is to always pray and not lose heart (Luke 18:1). It’s easy to lose heart and perspective if we try to go it alone.

No matter what does or doesn’t happen in my life, I know where I’m heading. Bring on the day.