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I haven’t quilted for a while. This is a really simple one I made for my goddaughter, Imogen, in 2008. Her favourite colours at the time were, of course, pink and purple.

The fun part was choosing all the fabrics. There were ones with chocolates, some purple mice, garden scenes, lovely hyacinths, even a cartoon street scene. Each square has a little tie in the corner just for added interest, and I had read at the time that it was an old-fashioned quilting technique to secure all the layers together, rather than quilting a pattern as is often done (though the loft of the batting (the middle filling stuff) wasn’t that thick, so it didn’t take on that puffy look that I like).

It turned out beautifully and didn’t take much time at all to run up, which is my favourite kind of project. Even nicer was the fact that my own godmother, Freda, helped me put it together (she is a prodigious quilter), so it felt resonant somehow.