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It was the name that got me in. Fast and easy? Sign me up!

I think the impetus for crocheting this was going to a winter camp in Katoomba. I always seem to be wrestling with scarves and thought a cowl would be less hassle. Perhaps it would have been more effective if it had been a really cold winter and I needed the cowl on all the time…as it was, I think it spent most of its time in my bag.

But I loved the colour combination, and it was such a pleasure to work on. I love the kind of crochet I can do without having to refer to patterns, so row after row of the same thing is good for when I’m listening to sermons or having conversations. I find it actually helps me stay focused on what’s being said, more than if I am just sitting there.

Yarn: Heirloom easy care 8 ply, Morris Estate 8 ply

Pattern: this Lion Brand Yarn pattern, though I changed yarns to make the stripes instead of using a self-striping yarn