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Not sure what it is about the bunny as stuffed toy that is so pleasing to me. Bunnies are just cute, there’s no way around it.

Actual bunnies with red eyes and fierce teeth and whatnot are a little less cute. We used to have a white dwarf rabbit called Bonhomme (short for Bonhomme de Neige) that we acquired through less than legitimate means (my brother’s class was on a school excursion to a farm and one of the kids stole the rabbit. On the bus ride home, he realised his parents would kill him, so he palmed it off onto my brother, who was fairly confident that although she would be livid, my mum wouldn’t actually commit manslaughter). Bonhomme looked cute, a little white ball of fluff. But boy, could he kick and bite. Vicious little dude. He eventually escaped and the last I saw of him was as he hopped down the street and disappeared into a drainpipe. He has probably gone on to become king of the rabbit underworld.

But bunnies made of soft things – super cute and less likely to bite.

I made this one based on a pattern from Craftzine. I didn’t have the right sized hook or yarn or plastic eyes so just muddled along with a larger hook, yarn and buttons. As I was working, mum looked over and commented, “that is a very big head.” Yep, it eventually turned out this massive-headed, chibi-esque little dude. He would have trouble getting around with a head that big. But he is just floppy and adorable. I think I’ll call him Steve.

 Yarn: Needles DK acrylic in Camel (bought from Hot Dollar)

Pattern: Spring bunny from Craftzine