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You know it’s time to post when your mum tells you it’s been too long between posts…

I’ve been wanting to write a reflection on my time at college, but I haven’t quite felt up to it yet. Since finishing exams, I feel like I’ve been doing heaps and yet not much.

Things at church have gotten extra busy as they always do at this time of year, and I seem to have lots on my plate – puppetting for the Kidschurch celebration, doing music for our Mastercarols event on 11 Dec, probably doing an item on Christmas day, doing the artwork for all of the above as well as a January sermon series and trying to fix the church website! It’s all good and fun and rewarding stuff to do but kind of relentless and exhausting at the same time.

I don’t have much paid work at the moment, aside from a design job through December (which I won’t be paid for until January). I’ve been applying for anything and everything that seems to suit me in the way of design and editing jobs out there in the Real World, but so far nobody’s contacted me. I find that a bit disconcerting, how you can send out portfolios and resumes and not even hear a peep from anyone. I also wondered, as I updated my portfolio, what a non Christian recruiter would think, opening the PDF and seeing nothing but Jesus and Christian work. Even though I suspect it would turn some people off, the idea tickled me, I must say.

There are possibilities of some ministry work but I’m not sure what that looks like yet. A job for a children’s worker came across my radar today, but it would mean changing churches as their service time clashes with Wild Street’s. Haven’t thought through what that would be like yet.

And in the meantime, to hopefully earn some money, I’ve started Tupperware demonstrating. Hilarity and excitement abounds! Well, tomorrow I start, actually, with my first party. No doubt you will hear all about how I’m going as I get further into it. But needless to say, I’m your gal if you want a Tupperware party or even just to buy any…

What I really need though, is a proper break. I was saying to Lachy I feel like I need a break where I disappear for a week, don’t take any technology at all, just my Bible and a novel for entertainment. He agreed, but didn’t think I’d be able to do it. Sadly, I think he might be right.

But when? Where? How to afford it? Maybe I just need to rest well while I’m not working full time, even if I’m still pottering about at home. But even then…how?

For now, I think it means bedtime. Goodnight!