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So! My Tupperware business is up and running. I had my first solo party/demonstration last week at Elsie’s place, and I think it went really well. I’m waiting for the delivery to arrive today and then I’ll be able to distribute all the lovely bits and pieces people ordered. But it’s all real and happening!

Here’s a fairly unflattering photo of me at said party, with the contents of my Quickstart kit:

My First Party

(my hair may look odd, but I look cheerful!)

Tupperware is one of those funny things that goes in cycles…a lot of us had it growing up, and our mums would have gone to Tupperware parties. I know that happened a lot in the church circles I grew up in, to the point where people kind of got party overload. But now I think a lot of people in my generation and younger are starting up homes, looking to get their kitchens and households set up, and Tupperware fits neatly into that slot (so to speak).

I’m actually pretty keen on the stuff, to be honest. I guess I wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t like it! So…if you want to have a party or even just buy some Tupperware without a party, get in touch! 🙂

One thing that has struck me, though, is the strategies we’re taught to use in selling this product are similar to how we should/could evangelise, and yet we don’t often promote the gospel this way. So at TW we have weekly sales meetings that aren’t compulsory but are recommended so you get a sense of the team and support and grow in your knowledge of TW. Those are many of the benefits of going to church each week. At TW we are encouraged to tell everyone we know what we’re doing, to carry around catalogues in case anyone wants one, to use every opportunity to talk about our business. Being a Christian, we’re also encouraged to tell everyone we know the gospel, to have literature on hand to give to interested people, to use every opportunity.

And yet…why does it seem easier to talk about a plastic box that will save your food for a few weeks, and yet so hard to talk about Jesus, who will save your life for eternity?

I’ve been convicted about this. I’m going to read Promoting the Gospel by John Dickson to give me a kick in the pants.