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Sometimes I think I should close this blog. But I guess it’s just sitting here, not doing anyone any harm, so I leave it in the hopes that someday I’ll come back more frequently and write more interestingly.

I’ve just had a couple of weeks off from college, which has meant more retail work.  But I finally made the decision to quit my retail job, and told my manager today I’d stay til the end of October. My body isn’t cut out for retail work, and I hate being as wiped out as I am. When I started to think about the long days and rush of customers over the Christmas period, I decided I could do without that, thank you very much!

As for what happens next, only God knows!

But it wasn’t all work. I’ve had some lovely times over the last three weeks, hearing fantastic teaching at the Oxygen conference and then at Engage. We have been so blessed to have such men as John Piper, John Lennox and Rory Shiner speaking from God’s word! They handle it carefully and expose beautiful riches.

Mum had some time off last week too, so I spent a lovely couple of days with her, doing things like having afternoon tea and going to the movies. Those are things we used to do lots together, but I guess as time and money have gotten scarcer, we don’t do that sort of thing much anymore.

It’s also been grand having a bit more time to spend with Lachy, talking lots, embarking on projects (like puppetmaking!) and just hanging out together.

So although I didn’t go anywhere or have a huge slab of completely ‘off’ time off, it’s been a refreshing break.

And now, the final six weeks of my Moore College experience. Pray that I’ll squeeze every drop out of it, that I’ll be well and energised enough to get through it and that I can get some good study in!