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Greetings from the Cameron Highlands! It’s so beautiful up here. Lush and green and cool. We are leaving soon to head up to Penang for a few days.

We got to Malaysia on Monday, after a squished but uneventful flight. Got to see dad and janice’s new house for the first time – it’s huge! It’s almost like we didn’t need to go anywhere else, as their place is pretty much like a hotel. But we have headed north to the tea and strawberry growing capital, Cameron Highlands, and then on to Penang for beachy times, and it is nice to see parts of this country I haven’t been to before. I’m also excited that we will be meeting up with the Tonks family, who happen to be holidaying in Penang at the same time!

I am so grateful that I’ve been able to have this holiday…although I knew I was stressed, I didn’t quite realise how much. I’m also so grateful that we’re all getting along well. Hanging out with my baby half-brother, Ethan, is pretty amusing. And getting to spend uninterrupted time with my favorite person is pretty damn good too (that’s Lachy, in case you didn’t guess)

Alright we’re off…more news soon!