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Worked in a new store today. One of the girls I was working with had been employed at the same time as me, and we had been at the first group interview together.

In a quiet moment, she said, “sorry, this is really out of the blue, but are you a Christian?”


“it’s just I remember during the interview when we were asked to say ‘Sundays are for…’ and you said seeing friends at church.”

“oh yeah!”

“Well I’m one too! A Christian, that is.”

She said she had just started going to the Village Church in Annandale, and was delighted that I knew the church and its minister, Dominic.

I remember during that interview I had felt very exposed when I was honest about my Christianity, as though it was something that just wasn’t discussed in job interviews. Well, I imagine it rarely is! But how amazing that almost a year after, she not only remembered me but remembered that about me. And it seemed to encourage her.

This is why I think it’s so important to wear your faith on your sleeve, so to speak. You never know who will hear it or how it will affect someone. You may never know that you encouraged someone. But I’m glad I found out that I did!