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So following on from yesterday, I do love college but I’m already feeling the effects of busyness and it’s only the beginning of February. Starting to find that overwhelmed feeling bubbling to the surface, which I’m sure is the combination of massive amounts of information being poured into my brain, not sleeping so well, and feeling sick for the last few days.

As I’ve probably said before, I need to work out how to balance a fuller load of college than last year with church commitments (church on Sundays, growth group on Wednesdays, looking after music at Wild Street @ 5, meeting one to one with a friend to read the Bible, youth group attending). I also haven’t heard back from Centrelink yet as to whether I get Austudy or not…if I don’t, I’m going to have to factor some more paid work in there as well. And this doesn’t include time with Lachy, time with family, time with friends, and SLEEP (all of which are vastly important and without which I would definitely go under).

I need prayer for wisdom, my friends. This juggling of time was part of my problem last year, and I resolved to learn from my mistakes!  I would like to:

  • make sure Saturdays are carved out for rest time (as Sundays are essentially a work day). I need to reinstitute the ‘only one commitment per Saturday’ rule. Actually I never managed to institute it in the first place, so maybe now’s the time.  No packing things in.  Allowing time and space for spontaneity.
  • not be anxious.
  • take time to read God’s word, reflect and pray on my own – and not just fall into the trap of thinking that because I opened the Bible at church or at college, that that is sufficient.
  • do something creative that isn’t college or work focused.  And I need to not feel guilty about it.
  • go to bed earlyish and wake earlyish
  • make a timetable and stick to it.  It’s the last part that’s tricky…I am very good at making beautifully colour coded and logical timetables and then completely ignoring them.
  • understand my own limitations more and be able to say no to things.
  • understand that time turners are fictional, that even if they were real I probably couldn’t afford one, and I need to make good use of the time that I have.