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On new year’s day, Lachy met up with me and with absolutely no itinerary in mind, we drove around for a bit, eventually ending up at Seven Mile Beach.  

It is a spectacular stretch of white sand and impossibly blue water… but no shade!  Despite my attempt at applying sunscreen at the motel, and then a bit more at the beach, I seemed to have entirely missed my back and got badly sunburned (I keep thinking of the ad “these are skin cells in trauma”).  Lachy’s legs got really burned too.

But it was so lovely just lying in the sun and paddling in the water.

Then we met up with the rest of the team at Nowra and escaped the heat at the cinema.  We watched Megamind.  Well, I did, and I enjoyed it.  Lachy went into it knowing he was going to fall asleep, and he did.

We even ran into Kate and Hamish from Wild Street after the movie, who were also on hols nearby!

Then, having had a relaxed and happy new year’s, I headed back to Sydney.  Lachy is still down at beach mission for another few days.  I’m praying that the team maintains its energy and can push through to the end, and that many of the kids and adults they talk to will consider Christ anew – or maybe for the first time.