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What did I tell you? Well I guess it’s only been a week so that’s better than nothing…

I’ve been working pretty solidly for the last several days. Had a pretty low weekend mood-wise, where I catastrophised about everything and just felt completely crushed. It’s almost like December is making up for NOvember but just slamming me. However I am grateful for my job and the many shifts being sent my way.

Through all this i find i am developing a newfound respect for retail people. No, make that retail people who are good at what they do. And I don’t just mean people who can sell stuff, but people who can sell stuff, while having a genuine interaction with a person they’ve never met before, keeping tabs on a dozen other things happening at the same time, all after standing on hard concrete floors for hours. Anyone can be surly and take your money in exchange for goods.

But in addition to that, working retail is giving me a deeper gratitude for my great God. I am so grateful that he saved me and has shown me that my purpose on earth is not to please the customer or my manager or the regional manager or head office. My purpose is to please him. A byproduct of that will generally mean that I do a good job wherever I am, but it also means that i can see the bigger picture and it is much more than the bottom line on a spreadsheet.

But I have to say, I don’t think my legs and feet have ever hurt this much.