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On Thursday I had the great privilege of playing at and enjoying Josh and Tori’s wedding (Josh is Lachy’s older brother).  They were married at St Matthias in Paddington, and then had the reception at the Centennial Park Restaurant.  This is the Street family, all looking rather dashing I might say:

You know how you go to some weddings and they feel a bit forced or a bit fake?  Or you sit at the reception making small talk with people who don’t really want to talk to you and eating average food?  Well this was nothing like that.  Christian weddings are the best!  The couple made vows that they pledged to keep until parted by death or until Jesus returns, and that real Christ-centredness made those promises ring true.  (Well for me, anyway.  I’m sure to the non-Christians there they were just words.)

The whole day was just lovely, and had such a laid-back, joyous and celebratory feel about it.  The service was beautiful and simple, the food at the reception delicious, the people at my table were lots of fun, and the venue was superb.  Also I got to wear a fabulous dress that mum bought me for Christmas, and was delighted to meet some of Lachy’s extended family too.

I’m sure there are some terribly unflattering photos of me that will surface, but here is a blurry one of me, Lachy and Maddy at the reception: