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Let me catch you up on what’s been happening.

Last week I helped out at the Banksmeadow School Scripture Christmas Concert thing…it was so fun!  I realise how I miss working with kids sometimes, as you can be so creative and still get the message across.  It’s just amazing watching someone like Kelly P working with the kids; she has a real gift for communicating the gospel to them.  Here she is (very pregnant) doing one of many skits with Lachlan:

One of the best moments was when she gave the only year 6 kid a present, as he was graduating.  She talked to the kids about how this boy, who was a school captain, was an example of what she meant when she talked about letting your light shine.  The boy got all teary…he just seemed to have such a lovely, gentle nature and I thought it was great that Kelly said such things about him.