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So I now am working retail.

I applied for a Christmas casual job at kikki.K, and got it!  I’m at the Eastgardens store, which is conveniently close to home.  I’ve never worked in retail and although many seem to hate retail work, so far I’m quite enjoying it!  I guess I’m still at the stage where it feels like I’m playing shops, with my kK apron on, but bizarrely this could turn out to be something I’m good at.  It’s good to be around people for short bursts of time, to be busy and productive, and not sitting by myself at the computer all day!

Lachy said to me I had to now master the art of selling expensive stuff to people who don’t need anything.  This is true, to a point, of any job in retail.  But after a few days of training and my first real shift today, I have to say I don’t mind working in such a pleasant shop, surrounded by such lovely merchandise.  I think it would be vastly less exciting if I was in a huge department store or a supermarket or something like that.  And it’s kind of cool when people come in and get all excited about the products without you even having to do anything.  I’m pretty sure when it gets busier around Christmas it’ll be much more stressful, but so far it’s been good.

I’m also pretty sure everyone’s going to be getting stationery-related gifts from me this year. 🙂