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I made this one for Lachy, who is affectionately known by Elijah Peters at Wild St as Rockran.  So we called this version the Rocking Man Bag…

Click on any of the pics for a close up view.  I took them in a bit of a rush, so no time to make them especially artsy!

It has a more man-friendly colourway than my last one, as well as double brass pop snap closures and an internal pocket with zip.  It also has piping around the flap!  My first attempt at piping…and it went pretty well I think.

The fabric is ‘latte’ denim for the body (that’s what it said on the roll!), checked taffeta for the back lining, and a cool grey London print for the feature fabric and handle .

(you can see the print detail if you click on the image above, but it has two quotes on it, as well as a bunch of Londonesque images.  One is from a favourite childhood rhyme of mine: ‘Oranges and lemons / say the bells of St Clements / You owe me five farthings / Say the bells of St Martins’. And the other made me laugh: ‘”When a man is tired of London he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford” Samuel Johnson’)

We had fun at the Remnant Warehouse yesterday looking at everything and trying to make good fabric combos.  There is so much choice, the possibilities just reel through your mind.  (Also, little shout out, I just have to say I love the staff in that shop. They are truly awesome.)

Lachy also managed to find a +$200 pair of scissors and when the lady was cutting our fabric, asked her if her scissors were the expensive ones.  She said yes, and that they were amazing – I held them and yes, they felt incredible.  Lachy said it was just as well sewing wasn’t his hobby or he would have bought so many toys by now.  I am only restrained by poverty, I must say – there are so many bits and pieces you could buy.

And now to start planning the two commissions for bags I’ve taken on as a result of my crafty endeavours…