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Okay so I tried the job for less than a week and gave it up.  Too impossible, even for me. 🙂

Have applied for a 2 day a week graphic design job in the Eastern Suburbs, which sounds much more like me.  Hoping that I hear back from them.  I know God’s got it under control, I just have to trust, trust, trust.

If anything, though, it helped me to realise how much I like my graphic design work.  I have stuff up on my website, but when I put together a little portfolio thing I realised it all looks pretty amazing together.  This is a big realisation for me!  But I was talking to Jess today and I think maybe it’s just a creatives thing, you never are completely sold on the work you do, but if you get a chance to step back and look at it a bit more objectively then that can be helpful!

And just cos I can, here’s is what I sent to the employer: