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Okay I know I didn’t have to stay up til 2am on Saturday night to do this, but once I got into the swing of making stuff again I just wanted to keep going til I finished.  And I don’t have to get up early tomorrow.  And I’m really happy with how this bag has turned out…

Fits a 14″ laptop, has two pockets at the front (that can fit a large notebook) and a giant pocket at the back, which would fit magazines or whatever.  I used some green denim-like material (which you might remember from the Ramona bag) and some leftover bits of heavy fabric I bought at Ikea ages ago.  I modified the pattern from here (I changed the feature/plain fabric combos, omitted an interior pocket, made it larger and left out the zipper and magnetic closure because I didn’t have either and I wanted to finish it).

I don’t know I why I keep forgetting how good it is to make things.  Just about anything, whether it’s a card or a cake or something a bit more complicated like this bag, but to actually create something new is immensely satisfying.

And now, to bed.