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So I got some work! Thanks to a contact from the delightful Elsie, I’m now doing 30 hours of website content writing work per week. If you read that and went “30 hours? I thought she was at college”, you would be echoing the sentiments of my brain, which is quietly battening down the hatches in the case of total meltdown. But I really needed to be earning some better money and contributing more to my household, and this job is only til early December.

So I’m grateful to God for throwing this opportunity my way, and now praying he’ll give me the energy and stamina to make it through! Also that I’ll remember how to play well with others – first time in 18 months that I’ve worked in an office (for 15 of the 30 hrs each week). And that somehow I’ll have time to study too…and do church stuff leading up to Christmas…and…

I’d better go to bed!