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I feel like my top half doesn’t match my bottom half.  Well I think I’ve kind of always felt like that.  It’s hard to buy dresses for this reason, because if they fit up top they don’t fit around the middle, and vice versa.  I’ve kind of fallen off the weight loss wagon too, so I’m stuck in that in-between phase of all my clothes.  Nothing quite fits, but I’m loathe to buy anything new because I may either lose weight or put it back on (I hope not!).  This is mainly why I spend most of my days in jeans and t-shirts.  You don’t have to look polished and have everything fitting perfectly; you’re supposed to look kind of casual and if there are a few lumps here and there it doesn’t really matter.

But today I wanted to wear a skirt.  And nothing’s working. I feel lumpy and frumpy and horrible in everything I put on.  And I’m trying not to acknowledge that the jeans and t-shirts look isn’t really that flattering on me anyway because that’s my only other recourse.

And I’m complaining, which frustrates me.  This will not do.  I should just be content.  I’m so much healthier shape-wise than I was eight months ago.  I should concentrate on fitness, not weight loss.  I should…I should…I should…