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I dropped mum off at the airport today for her two week holiday in Canada. I was at once excited and a little melancholy to see her go, but mostly I’m really glad she gets to have a holiday.

As I was driving home past the giant billboards that line the road from the airport, I noticed one massive billboard of woman wearing a come-hither expression (and little else) under the words: “Life is short. Have an affair while in Sydney.” Curiosity got the better of me and I googled the website being advertised when I got home (not actually wanting to visit the website itself). Its description calls it an agency for “Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair.” Okay then of course I clicked through to the website because I couldn’t quite believe it. But yes. It’s an agency with the sole purpose of setting married people up to have casual, sexual affairs.

What. The. Hell.

Sometimes our world just makes me want to scream. Then it makes me think about how this is nothing new, that right back since humanity began we’ve been behaving like this, taking good gifts from God like relationships, marriage and sex, and treating them like garbage. It makes God’s grace all the more overwhelming. Isn’t it mindblowing that he would send Jesus to die to save us, to make us clean and whole and alive when we deserve nothing but death for the way we’ve treated him?

If you want to hear a great talk on God’s grace, have a listen to Rod’s talk on Ephesians 2 from Wild St yesterday. It’s gold.