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I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging. I want to. But words aren’t coming. There seems to be too much to think about, too much to do, that sitting down and blurting out my thoughts seems indulgent somehow, even though it actually would probably help me sort things out in my head.

My biggest news is that I’ve decided to do the Bachelor of Theology in youth ministry at Moore, which is a 3 year course. I’m currently enrolled in the Diploma of Bible and Youth Ministry, which is a one year course (though I’m doing it part time). But after mission week, I just thought and prayed and realised that I really do want to be well equipped to…gulp…work in full time ministry. What a turnaround! I have often felt like Jonah, running in the other direction from where God has called me to be. But as I am continually humbled before him to trust him and accept that his plans are good and wise, and I feel he is very much leading me in this.

Anyway so that’s where I’m at currently. I’m juggling two days of college, one day of church work, and every other spare moment trying to do design work. It’s a lot busier than I anticipated. Your prayer would be appreciated!