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Have had a lovely couple of evenings with friends. Had Guan and Mary over for dinner on Thursday and an unplanned chicken roast. So good to see M again after weeks and weeks. So good that Guan ate the drumsticks. 🙂 And I love that my friends can hang out and chat to my mum as easily as I can.

Tonight I had Bek’s partner John staying over, as he’s heading from Coffs Harbour where he’s been holidaying, back home to Belfast in the morning. The last time I saw John was in April in Belfast when I stayed with him and Bek, and we all went to that glorious Bjork concert.

So after I picked him up from the airport, we had a catch up and both put on our Bjork t-shirts. He had brought his Wii with him from Ireland (got to go equipped you see), and had been given a Wii Fit as a present while he was over here, so of course we had to play it. It turns out my Wii Fit age is 31 (1 year less than my actual age! Woo!). Then we had to undo the 10 minutes of exercise we did by eating pizza for dinner. We watched Juno and half of Lars and the Real Girl before we were falling asleep.

We have to leave at 6am to take him to the airport. And while I should be sleeping, of course I’m wide awake! Bah. But it’s been great to catch up with friends, to just hang out and relax and feel completely unpressured.