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Terry Pratchett’s new book Nation is out! I’m excited about this, as I’ve been longing for a new Pratchett, and although I do love his Discworld books it’ll be interesting to read something of his that isn’t set there.

I went onto Dymocks online to see how much it would cost. Normal price $49.95, discounted to $37.95. Guh. Why are books so expensive here?

So I went to the Book Depository to see how their prices compared. Retail GBP16.99, discounted to GBP12.05 with free shipping worldwide. That’s about $10 cheaper than Dymocks.

And finally I checked Better World Books because I’ve used them before and was happy with their service. Retail US$16.99, reduced to US$14.48, and I had a Facebook 10% discount voucher. So with shipping (carbon-neutral apparently), it came to US$17.05, which is $16 less than buying it at Dymocks, and makes a contribution towards funding literacy charities.

Naturally I went with Better World Books. I do want to shop local as much as I can, but sometimes, when it’s the exact same product, if it’s much cheaper and there are other benefits to buying from a particular shop that isn’t in Australia, my money goes overseas.

And now I’m looking forward to my new book.